Turvanasta - Benefits

Turvanasta studs live up to their name

The Turvanasta (transl. Safety Stud) name comes from our product philosophy – all the products we make are intended to make driving safe in slippery conditions. An important addition to this mission is the aim to develop studs that are more environmentally friendly.

For winter driving, stud tyres are indisputably safer than other tyre alternatives. They assist vehicle control in unpredictable conditions. However, there are large differences between studs. Turvanastat (Safety Studs) represent premium quality, which can be seen in the shaping of the studs, the high-quality raw materials, the highly developed manufacturing and quality control processes, in the ease of applying the finished products, and in their durability.

The fact that many important tyre manufacturers trust them also demonstrates the high technical quality of Turvanasta. General awareness of how studs improve the quality of winter tyres is continuously increasing. In our own operations, we seek to ensure that in the future ever more end customers – whether companies or ordinary consumers – will know to demand Turvanasta studs in their tyres.