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Safety studs save lives

Studs are still the best way to increase road safety when driving on snow or ice. Technical control devices developed for automobiles assist the driver in unforeseen situations, but they cannot affect the friction between the road and the tyre. A study published by the Swedish Roads Administration (Trafikverket) in 2010 showed that stud tyres reduce fatal accidents in winter conditions by 42 % compared to tyres without studs.

Stud tyres are even more important in areas subject to rapid changes of weather, significantly affecting the controllability of vehicles. When road surfaces freeze, a stud tyre is unparalleled in preventing skidding.

Aging populations bring a new aspect to the current discussion on the benefits of studs. As reaction times lengthen and situational awareness decreases, the risk of head-on collisions increases. Stud tyres significantly shorten braking distances when driving on icy roads.

The stud is an essential part of a winter tyre. When choosing tyres, attention should be paid to the quality of the studs used in them. The most significant stud-specific differences relate to the durability of the studs and how well they stay in the tyre. The best studs and winter tyres are test-winners even after long stress tests.

Turvanasta studs undergo severe wear testing. We know that a Turvanasta stud is the safest possible stud for winter driving.