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Studs are a societally important theme

The use of stud tyres affects society through traffic safety and environmental welfare.

Turvanasta has developed studs for three generations. We are thoroughly acquainted with the discussion concerning studs and stud tyres. As long-term developers of stud technology we have our own responsible role in researching and evaluating the societal dimensions of stud tyres.

The quality of studs and the safety of stud tyres go hand in hand. New companies manufacturing studs appear on the market at an ever-increasing rate. Although particularly studs made in Asian markets win in price competition, they do not necessarily meet safety and environmental criteria. We hope that consumers will start to pay more attention to the studs in their winter tyres. A safe winter tyre cannot be made without a high quality stud.

We are at your service if you want up-to-date information on the properties of studs and stud tyres. We hope that the press will pay attention, not only to stud tyres, but also to studs. There are differences between studs, which significantly affect both the safety and the environmental effects of stud tyres.



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