Turvanasta - Research and development

Innovative product development as the basis of strategic partnership

Our skilled product development unit works in the following areas:

  • designing new, tyre-specific stud models
  • developing machines needed for the manufacturing of studs
  • testing and analysing studs and stud tyres
  • developing the joint operation of studs and tyres
  • research and development of the traction and environmental effects of studs
  • developing stud-insertion machines and methods
  • participation in the product development of tyres

In product development, we utilize not only laboratory measurements, but also year-round field tests. Finland’s severe weather conditions provide an exceptionally good basis for testing.

In field tests, we test the functionality of studs, in both normal street driving and in extreme conditions. In the tests, we use the sector-studding method to produce information on how different types of stud behave in the same road conditions. Our research method is developed in co-operation with the product development unit and quality control. This brings certainty to the interpretation and application of the results.

Turvanasta has a strong reputation as an expert in the properties affecting the safety of winter tyres. Turvanasta manufactures not only studs but also the machinery required to make studs. Having our own machine production increases the innovativeness of our stud product development.

We believe we are the best possible strategic partner in the development of premium-class winter tyres.